Age of Magic ⭐⭐⭐ Support Kit

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Age of Magic - Support Kit

is an application that can help Age of Magic players in all situations, from arena team building to characters equipment build plan!

⭐ With this app you can see which items are necessary for equipment updates and how to collect them! ⭐

NOW available in the following languages:
🚩 English
🚩 Italian
🚩 Spanish
🚩 French
🚩 Russian
🚩 Portuguese

We're not associated with Playkot and all graphics regarding the game that you can find in this app are property of Playkot or of its employeers, as you can will see in the "Credits" section in the app.

✅ Search for recommended Arena Teams, ordered by win percentage and stars!
✅ Send a battle reports (this report will improve our database accuracy in realtime for all users)!
✅ See all reports you've sent, ordered chronologically
✅ See equipment items needed for each character equip level and how to collect them!
✅ Create an equipment plan to reach equip level 10+ just after character unlock!
✅ Find which campaign nodes drop items needed, the energy costs and more!
✅ Ask help to other users if there are not recommended teams to beat you enemy!
✅ And more!
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